Our Story

The Inspiration


When you look outward, you dream. When you look inward, you awaken.

This ideology of Carl Jung resonated more deeply and beautifully with the lives of architect siblings, Garima and Akshay who were interested in opening their own café. But destiny brought them together for something bigger and better - to redefine the world of interior styling.

It all began when they connected on a spiritual level during their holiday. They realized they shared one common love – to create and curate pieces of art.

Taking inspiration from their father, an interior designer and from the book "Seven Lamps of Architecture" by John Ruskin, Garima and Akshay set out to expand their horizon in interior styling. By giving birth to a space that could emulate their idea, they carved out a path to explore the hidden possibilities in the field of art and design.

Garima has worked on several architectural projects in Singapore and Dubai. Akshay, an architect by profession and a stylist by passion, is a connoisseur of all things beautiful. Between them, the two have nearly two decades of architectural and styling experience. Together, they aspire to create an aesthetically pleasing space – one that speaks volumes of their love for art and antiques, their penchant for quality detailing, their preference for a fusion of contemporary and traditional designs, and their ability to express the extraordinary in their designs.

In gratitude to the divine they chose the name ‘Seven Pillars’ based on the mystical number seven which is associated directly to God's creation of all things.

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